A RIPPLE EFFECT: the project


About Rebecca

Rebecca loves music, but she is not a musician.

Combining her background of Theatre Arts, English, and love of music, Rebecca embarks in this project in what some have called "experimental." Receiving her MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2015, Rebecca explores her theology, artistic background, and personal experiences to make a sort of modern day  midrash of faith.

​​As an artist, Rebecca wants to make beautiful things and be a part of something greater than herself. She wants to make a contribution that matters — that touches the lives of others, that makes them pause even if for only a moment, and that stays with them in their memories and hearts. Perhaps this translates as the desire for eternity.

Rebecca sees beauty and brokenness in the world although her vision as of the past four years at Fuller has felt more filled with the latter. She is learning to hear the invitation to walk as a wounded healer while finishing up her Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Worship, Theology, and the Arts. This growth is part of her journey and she would like to thank her friends and family who have encouraged and taught her along the way. Particularly, she attributes her grandmothers with instilling a love for the arts in her at an early age.

In her art, Rebecca’s aim is to pull together the artistic influences in her life; her experiences of loss and hope, tragedy and beauty; and her search to see how God is at work in the process of redemption to produce something new. She wants to create art that simultaneously disturbs the complacent and comforts the broken.

live performance

Sound Quilt's debut performance, live at ArtVentures 2015

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